Thinking of getting a 2020 Z4 3.0i Premium


Got a couple questions:

Been doing my research:
- Correct that the 2019/2020 Z4 3.0i Premium does not have an outside air temperature? I find that hard to believe! My motorcycles all had one. Weird.
- The Owner's manual I downloaded is confusing....does the Z4 have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that displays on command individual tire pressure for the four tires?
- The Build Sheet I was given on one car doesn't mention a spare tire. Do the Z4s have one of those mini-emergency tires?
- I am hoping the Android phone app for BMW will allow me to remotely start the Z4 with its OEM Remote Engine Start option (1CR). I know there is no Android Auto for BMW, no problem, I don't use that anyway. But remote start is a Must Have for me. That's why other BMWs did not interest me, like the M240i convertible.