Saturday Road Trip and First Zed Wave!!



Took the zed for its longest run since the Bilstein B12 upgrade.

Route Taken:

A5 Cannock up to Telford, Joined M54

M54 towards A5 and Knockin Turnoff

MX5 miffed!! that he could not over take a Z3 going into Knockin, taking the road towards maesbrook and on into Llanymech, Lovely twisty bits.

From Lanymech through to Llanfyllin, pit stop at Our Static Caravan in Llwydiarth (fantastic road the B4395) (If you are a mountain biker, there are some great runs on the Rainbow trails here)

From Llwydiarth on to the A458 and the Brigands Inn, turn right on the A470 for a trip ove Dinas Mawddwy, a pit stop at the Cross Foxes for Lunch (Battered Sea Bass for me, and Chicken Supreme for missus Zedonist) Well recommended the CRoss Foxes BTW.

From the Cross Foxes take the A 487 towards Machynlleth, then a few miles down take the B4405 (fantastic driving rides, views of the mountains and lakes) drive through Talyllin, Abergynolwyn, and Dolgoch (dont forget to see the Falls). then enter Bryn Crug and turn left on the A493 heading Tywyn.

Drive trough Tywyn Take coast route (walk on beach). (If you like fish n chips then try skippys - fantastic), from the sea front pick up the A493 and head for Aberdovey (you can miss out Aberdovey and take Happy Valley trail, very nice) to day we went on through Aberdovey (here you must stop and have a go at Crab Fishing).

From Aberdovey continue on the A493 until you come to a T junction turn right on to the A 487 towards Machynlleth (stop at Tuffins super market by the rail way and pick up some Westons Cloudy Scrumpy) follow A 487 into Machynlleth and turn left at the clock house onto the A489 New Town Road, follow to island and turn left onto A470 follow to next island and turn right on to the A 458, immediately pull over at the Brigands Inn, Fantastic food and Booze (cloudy cider), pick up the A458 and head to Welsh Pool (My first Ever Zed Wave by a nice person in a Black Z3), from welsh pool head home A5 / M54.

Once at home un cap cider and enjoy.

Doctor Who was brilliant BTW.

I am amazed at the difference the Bilstein B12 Kit and the H&R ARB's have made to the car, it sits square round all the bends on this trip, and if you know it, you will know how fast and twisty it is. The one thing it has left me with, is that i do need to get a remap of the engine with the induction and exhaust mods, those 320 diesels can sure shift (six gears), but with a chip boost will be back in my sights.

P.S. Wales (Smowdonia) with the roof down is an awesome country