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RS4 Audi

Discussion in 'General Car Stuff or non-Zed Specific Stuff' started by Mr-P, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Mr-P

    Mr-P Zorg Addict

    Feb 10, 2013
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    Sold Z3M
    Today I was asked by a friend if I could take him to pickup his 56 plate RS4 from Banbury.
    So off to Banbury we went in the Z3M and collected the RS4.

    On the way back he pulled over and asked if I fancied taking the RS for the rest of the trip home.
    We had some good driving before the change over and he was surprised how well the Z3M went behind him.

    So once we changed over I had my first every experience of driving a RS4 and what good fun it was, also
    the first time I have been able to look in my rear view mirror and see my Z3M following. The RS4 has amazing grip and goes like a train and maybe one day there may be one sat on my driveway. However it has made me want to try an RS6.

    Went we got home both of us were pleasantly surprised with each other , him especially as the RS4 has 100+ bhp more than the Z3M.
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