How To Guide Remove Z3 auto hood roof hydraulics etc.

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Dec 5, 2011
As title....

This is a brief summary of how to remove the hydraulic pump, pipes and motor from a Z3 (1.9) with an auto hood/roof.

Limited tools required, 5/8 spanner, 9/16 spanner, side cutters and 25 torx bit... oh and a couple of spanners for the unit itself in the boot, but I forgot to check the size!

To start off with I had already stripped the seats, roll hoops etc. so I'm not sure exactly what you would 'need' to have out of the way first.

I did however have to unclip (brute force required) the upper carpet in the boot

I removed the hydraulic shock absorber style cylinder first, removing with a small screwdriver to prise off the pin at the top and the pin at the bottom, both slide sideways.

Then with the two different sized spanners mentioned above I undid the top mount.

Once free from the car it is just a matter of freeing up the cables to fit through the rear chasis, on my car the 2 hydraulic fluid pipes were attached to the aerial wire and a blank (attached to nothing at either end) metal cable coated in black plastic, like a bonnet pull cable.

Then prise off the large rubber grommet that protects the various wires as they go through to the boot.

Then carefully feed the hydraulic chamber and associated pipes through the hole. You may have to undo the cable ties around these parts on either side to allow free movement with a pair of side cutters.



Then undo the bolts on the upper and lower (gold and green in photo at the bottom of motor) bolts to free the unit from its mounting, lower bolt houses the earth wires.

Then after a bit of untangling it is off!

Finally after advice from Gookah I looked at getting the micro switch off, easy to undo the 25 torx bot bolts on the passengers side of the folding roof.

The clip is easy to access too..... but the wires wont fit from either end! It travels through the metal roof support bar.

Scratching head time!