Preventative maintenance


badman gee

Hello all,

I've noticed recently that a couple of people have had bonnet cable failure.

This can be a great cost to fix.

I'm thinking of changing mine as prevention is better than cure.

Anyone know how much the part is?

Is it easy to change?

Many thanks

Brian H

Zorg Expert (I)
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Dec 5, 2011
Model of Z
E36/7 3.0i - E85 Z4///M
Hi Mark,

From what I can make out there are 2 x cables for bonnet release plus 2 x lower bonnet release catches and 2 x upper bonnet latches, a cable that goes from the drivers footwell to the first bonnet catch and then a short cable which attached the first bonnet catch to the second.

Long cable 51 23 8 397 989 - £23.66
Short cable 51 23 1 977 391 - £14.81
Bonnet catch left lower 51 23 1977 635 - £12.14
Bonnet catch right lower 51 23 1 977 636 - £12.14
Bonnet latch upper 51 23 8 122 267 - £11.50 (x2)

Parts 9, 11, 12 & 13 from the link below.

I would think that failure is more to do with the condition of the bonnet catches both upper and lower rather than the cable itself. I have not changed this Mark but would assume that the long cable would be the hardest to replace.