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Like every other forum out there we have a set of rules regarding posting behavior, such as no swearing, rude pictures or generally being a troll. They are there to ensure that everyone feels comfortable while visiting the forum.

There is now a "Not Safe For Work" sub-forum which if you want to access, you have to manually opt in to. You can't see or access the sub-forum until you have joined.

The idea is that it is less strictly moderated, and is not covered by the standard forum rules, as the only members accessing have chosen to do so. The moderation team will need to opt-in to view the area just like any other member on here.

This is not a super-secret stealth area and no active members are barred from accessing it. However the posts here will not be accessible to anyone who...
  • is not registered on the forum
  • made less than 5 posts (or 'lurkers' as forum admins affectionately refer to them as ;) )
  • has not changed their settings to view this forum.
Send me a personal message if you have any questions.

How to opt-in to the area if you want access (and agree to the above description)

Click on your username to display your account settings, and click Personal Details

Scroll down to this option...

...and select "YES! I want to access the Not Safe For Work area (at my own risk)

Then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

The process which automatically authorises you runs every 20 minutes, and once you have been upgraded you will see the sub-forum off the General Banter section.

Note: If you have less than 5 posts on the forum, then you can make this change but it will not take effect until you have posted 5 times ;)
Not open for further replies.