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New Driving Laws in France 2012

Discussion in 'General Banter' started by GazHyde, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. GazHyde

    GazHyde The Gaz Monkey
    Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator British Zeds

    Dec 2, 2011
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    Newbury, Berkshire
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    BMW Z4 3.0Si Sport
    With an impending French cruise I have just spent a little time googling the changes to French driving laws.

    Here is a summary of what I have found relating to cars. There are others relating to bikers, but I don't have a bike so didn't include them ;)

    These are all in addition to the basic requirements, such as warning triangles, first aid kits etc.

    End of the road for radar warning devices Equipment which detects a radar signal has always been banned in France but the new laws take matters a step further by banning ‘driver aids’ which incorporate data giving a warning of where speed cameras are located. Already, some manufacturers of satnav equipment have taken the lead by stopping the inclusion of data on speed traps in new equipment but, for users of existing equipment, compliance with the new law will depend on whether they bother to connect up with a manufacturer’s website for a software update to remove what will become the prohibited software.

    Nonetheless, the penalty for the new offence is steep – a fine of up to 1500 euros

    Removal of warning signs about radar traps. Don't forget that you can be prosecuted in the UK now and be issued with a fine.

    Mobile phones - increases to the sanctions against the use of a hand-held phone. The fine goes up from 35 to 135 euros

    Exceeding the speed limit by 30 mph may result in a year in prison and a fine of up to 4500 Euros.

    Watching a screen device (TV or computer) operating in the field of vision (other than a driver assistance and navigation type GPS) by the driver of a vehicle in motion, now becomes liable to a fine of 1500 euros (instead of 135 euros)

    Straying on to the hard shoulder on autoroutes (even for a few seconds with 2 wheels) for which the penalty will be 135 euros

    Compulsory to carry a breathalyser in the vehicle - all cars must carry an alcohol breathalyser test. The existing fine for missing these is 135 euros for (90 euros if the fine is paid on the spot).

    Traces of recreational drugs - This also includes medicines which may have drowsiness warnings on them too. 1 year in prison and 4500 Euro fine
  2. Titan

    Titan Moderator
    British Zeds

    Dec 4, 2011
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    North North Yorkshire
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    Useful information Gary- thanks for compiling it.
    There is also a requirement to carry a hi-viz vest for every potential seat in the car ( ie 5 for most saloons) and they must be accessible from WITHIN the vehicle - not in the boot.
    When we took the Zed, I found it quite easy to fold them down between the seat squab and the door sill.

    Bon vacances!
  3. Aceman

    Aceman Moderator
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    Dec 5, 2011
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    ///M Roadster
    Some of the satnav manufacturers have a legal workaround for the speed camera ban in that they use so called "Danger zone" warnings that warn if you are approaching an area of significant danger the reasoning being that speedcams are only placed in areas of high incidences of accidents hence a danger zone. The only problem being that to comply they must warn of all so called danger zones so all schools, crossings etc. also flag up which will be a real pain and you won't be able to distinguish between any of the perceived hazards so a school will alarm with the same message as a speedcam. This will p*** most drivers off anyway and they will just turn the warnings off which will please the goverment bods as they have still achieved their goal.