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MIO 687 Satnav

Discussion in 'GadgetZ, GismoZ and Bling' started by Warrior, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Warrior

    Warrior Dedicated Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    3.0i sports automatic
    My old Satnav, a Navman F20 is on semi permanent loan to my neice and i've note seen it for months which says it all about how much I use it.......

    However, on browsing the web I found that I can trade up to a better newer model which has got some added features I could use, such as Blue tooth hands free for my mobile, something I have in my van and do miss when out in the Zed and voice activated control.

    Although not a Navman by name I can trade up to a MIO 687 for £120 (RRP £180, typical price £130 plus, so not a great saving) or take a basic model MIO 480 at £60 instead of a £100, typical price £75.

    Tempted to go for the 687 but before I jump in feet first has anybody tried this brand, what's the sound like for phonecalls etc.,?