M44 Engine install in Z3

Barry Gadd

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Mar 29, 2014
Woking Surrey
Model of Z
Z3 1.9L
My original engine had water in oil and I thought it would be the head gasket. Sadly no... the head was pitted.
I thought about getting the head skimmed but then found a lower mileage M44 1.9L on ebay which I have now got.
I've taken out the original engine but now having a heck of a job getting the new engine to fit to the gearbox bell housing. I haven't taken out the front cross member as I'm nervous about leaving the front part of the car unbraced and there is a hydraulic steering pipe running alongside it.
Anybody done this job before?
I will persevere but if anybody does know a way of simplifying this job I'd be very grateful.


I know it might seem a lot of work, but I would remove the gear box, and then fit the engine, then refit the gear box, it has to be easier that way, the same as replacing a clutch then.