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Loss of power?

Discussion in 'M44 Massive' started by Zeti, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Zeti

    Zeti Zorg Guru (III)
    Supporter Romanian Zeds The M44 Massive

    Oct 9, 2013
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    Bucuresti/ Romania
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    Z3 roadster 1.9
    Reading small (or bigger) problems we have in the Zed's world, I remembered something that I want to share with you and here is the riddle :
    During the trip in the Dolomites, for Passo Giau, on the way up, (the slope was pretty high but not frightening) I noticed that being in the 2nd gear and throttle open (pedal to the metal) the car was pushing just to 3500 rpm. No noises, no strange behaviour, no overheating, running normal but this was the limit. I didn't felt like a loss of power but more like a lack of power. For control, I changed in the 3rd and went to max 3000 rpm , which is normal (it kept the same ratio). Didn't tried with the 1st.
    Despite this feeling (and fact), the car runs normally on the plain road , up to 5000 rpm in the normal kick. All other parameters were normal. (Car loaded in the "trip" mode: I and my lady, trunk and tank full.)
    It was maybe the slope, it's a normal reaction or it was something wrong and it was really lack of power? I can't be sure because I was so fascinated by the landscape.........