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Leather seat 'feel'

Discussion in 'Z3 & Z3 M Roadster & Coupé Knowledgebase' started by Cooper, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Cooper

    Cooper Zorg Guru (IV)
    Supporter Australian Zeds

    Apr 17, 2014
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    Hobart Tasmania Australia
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    3.0i 2001

    What are 'as new' leather seats supposed to feel like in a Zed? Is the leather soft and pliable or somewhat tight and stiff? Please note I am not talking about the padding under the leather but the actual leather itself.

    I have nothing to compare mine to. They are visually in pretty good condition but the leather is 'hardish' and not pliable. I suspect they have been neglected so I have been applying McGiuires?? cleaner and conditioner on them and leaving it for some time then buffing off by hand. This has made them a bit more flexible but I am not sure it is possible to achieve pliable leather, or that is what they should feel like. If they should be soft and pliable I would be grateful for a product recommendation that can soften it. Thanks.
  2. Rev

    Rev Zorg Guru (IV)

    Feb 18, 2012
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    The Shire of Lincoln, UK
    New car seats are generally not that supple unless it is really very, very expensive leather. The Connollised finish is a coating and will prevent the moisturiser really getting into the leather until they have started to grain and stretch a little.

    Use will be the best thing they can have at present. Moisturise after a couple of years.
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