June 2013 Picture of the Month Competition Entries


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Dec 2, 2011
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Get your entries in for this months competition! We will be running the competition differently this month as a trial. The submission and voting system will be using the Media Gallery system, and if it proves successful adopted for future competitions.

If we can make the pictures more Zed related and less "Sheepy" then it would be greatly appreciated!

Standard rules apply. Please see second post for details on submitting your entry.

NO EMAIL ENTRIES PLEASE! Contact GazHyde if you have issues uploading your image.
  1. Picture must be your own, or by your co-pilot!
  2. Picture must be Zed or Zorg related. Whatever you think makes a great photo. It doesn't have to be a work of art, just something which encapsulates Zed ownership!
  3. Photo does not need to have been taken during the month, but should be appropriate to the season/location. For example, no snow covered Zeds in June unless you live in the arctic.
  4. "Photoshopped" entries are acceptable, but must be clearly stated that it has been edited with some basic details. Resizing, cropping, filters, resampling, recolouring etc.
  5. If you wish to provide some extra information - such as camera type, composition, exposure, please feel free to do so. This is a photographic competition after all.
  6. Only 1 entry to be submitted per member, per month.
  7. Entries to be submitted by 20th of the month. Voting thread will be created as soon after as possible.unt)
Submitting your image for the competition:

If you have any issues with this process, let me know asap and I'll help you out.

The submission for the competition will now be handled using the Media Gallery system.
  1. The process for entries is as follows. Click on this link - http://zroadster.org/forum/media/categories/june-2013.12/
  2. POTMSubmit01.png
    Click on Add Media
  3. POTMSubmit02.png
    Click the Add Media button
  4. Browse to the file on your computer, and click Open/Add (upload will now start. You will see an error if the file is too big.
  5. Enter your forum name and description as appropriate (mention edits, camera, location or whatever you like (description less than 200 characters)
  6. Click Save Media


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I'll vote for you Mark - to get the drinks in ;)

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'If we can make the pictures more Zed related and less "Sheepy" then it would be greatly appreciated!'

Baa Humbug:baa