How To Guide Interior restoration: Centre console


Zorg Guru (I)
Nov 3, 2013
Model of Z
Z3 2.2
Hi all,

Ever since picking up my Zed in early November 2013, one interior niggle has really bothered me.


Damage is in PIc above. The vinyl has been scuffed through to the plastic base. Nothing around the damage has any marks, so who knows what caused the damage. All I knew is, replacing it meant one thing; tearing the entire interior centre console. Joy... :)

Anyhow, the tips online for removing the console, plus the TIS extracts, helped greatly, however, for those of us with UK spec cars, or late model cars with the ashtray in the centre, this ALSO needs to be removed before the console will come out... Had fun working that one out!

I had previously bought a job lot of interior parts, which included the replacement part I needed. Best bit of this is I'm going to sell on the huge box of interior parts, with the scuffed part, with the proviso that the part is ripe for recovering in 3M Dinoc Carbon Fibre style covering or similar.

Anyhow, here's what a 2002 Z3 looks like without the centre console:


Here is the replaced part. Much better!


Took half a day to take out, repair and return to the car. I also cleaned up the aluminium trim, vacuumed out the 12 years worth of collected dust and fluff, and replaced the passenger side bungy net thing with a new one, even after noticing that repairing the sagging one was very easy.. Another eBay part, now!

Anyhow, I've marked this as a "How to", just so that if anyone asks questions that are not covered by existing threads, it can be found easily.