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Hot new brakes!

Discussion in 'Z3 Roadster & Coupé' started by bonzo, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. bonzo

    bonzo Guest

    Left front wheel was getting quite hot, (sticky caliper I guess), so decided to do a bit of a refurb and had new discs, calipers and pads fitted to the front, and just new pads to the rear, plus new brake fluid.
    Went for a little drive after picking the car up and when I got home the wheels were a little bit warm, but the discs were too hot to touch for a while. Is this normal, just part of the breaking in of the new pads, or do I take it back to the garage? Could it be down to something else?


  2. GazHyde

    GazHyde The Gaz Monkey
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    Dec 2, 2011
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    BMW Z4 3.0Si Sport
    I think this all comes down to how hot everything thing is after the changes. Discs normally will get hot due to braking friction, but wouldn't expect enough heat to transfer through to the wheels through normal use. I also wouldn't personally try touching the discs after lots of hard braking!
  3. bonzo

    bonzo Guest

    Thanks Gaz.
  4. bonzo

    bonzo Guest

    Wheels now running normal temp. Must have been the initial settling and bedding in that caused them to run hot for a while.

    Cheers all,

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