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Zorg Expert (I)
Dutch Zeds
The M44 Massive
Dec 5, 2011
One officer, who has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, said: ‘The war in Afghanistan has not yet ended and already the government has committed the Army to another foreign operation.
‘Libya is a highly unstable country which is awash with weapons and has been infiltrated by al-Qaeda.
‘Thousands of British soldiers have just been made redundant and morale is at an all time low and there is a real possibility of mission creep in Libya - the timing of this operation could not have been worse.’

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Here we are two years later , trying to put right , the errors of our interference and still we have not learnt a thing . You are training an army that one day we will regret .
- Youb2 , hert, 02/7/2013 13:29