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Help for someone losing their son

Discussion in 'General Banter' started by heath, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. heath

    heath Regular Member

    Dec 22, 2011
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    Burton on Trent
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    Z3 2.0 individual
    Didnt know what to put as the title & this is something I have seen on other forums & thought it was well worth putting it on here.
    I will be attending this & by the looks of it there will be hundreds of cars attending all to make the lads day.
    Anyway this is the post the parent has put on other forums.
    Hope its ok for me to add it here ......
    Please be aware I do not know the family but thought it would be nice for a few zeds to turn up

    hi all i cant believe im about to say this but here goes i have just been informed that my 11 year old son has around 4 weeks to live for those who dont know he had leukeamia aged 2 and beat it then last year we had the devastating news that he had a cancerous brain tumor they operated and removed it and we thought all was well until friday when we were given the news it had returned in 2 places and there is nothing more they can do to help him as you can imagine we are totally devastated and have to try to make the most of our time left with our little boy so heres where i hope you can all help me i promised him a few weeks ago before i found out about this that i would take him to a car gathering as he is a massive fan of sports/modified cars mainly subaru,s evo,s etc but i cannot find one so i thought i would try arrange one just for him so i can keep that promise! i have arranged with FRED LAWTON LTD MELTHAM MILLS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, MELTHAM HUDDERSFIELD,HD9 4AY to be able to use there car park for the gathering which i would like to hold on saturday the 8th of september starting from 1 pm. everybody and every type of car is welcome so please please please come if you
    can make it and make my little boys day a special one thank you all in advance.

    Heath on Tapatalk
  2. Titan

    Titan Moderator
    British Zeds

    Dec 4, 2011
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    North North Yorkshire
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    Thanks for sharing this Heath.
    Gary has already started another thread about it here.
    I understand several members hope to attend.