Archived Group buy from US - Retrofit Xenon OEM headlights

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Dec 16, 2011
Hi Guys,

For years i've been following threads on how to retrofit xenons to our OEM headlights. I personally love the look of the normal headlights and find the aftermarket alternatives way too non-BMW looking (to be polite). Unfortunately their functionality is a bit retro nowadays and offer little in terms of visibility.

If anyone is interested a chap over on is offering the service for quite a reasonable price. He also said a group buy will lower the price and we could probably combine postage to some extent. ... ?t=1720915


He offers alot of customization, angel eyes, smoked indicator lenses etc...

I will have no affiliation or anything to gain (apart from the more involved the cheaper we get them)

Please put your name down if you are interested. You will either need to supply your own headlights or he will try and source them for you (at extra cost). I personally will be shipping mine over.

Any questions please ask and i'll do the middle man bit and get them over to him


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Dec 7, 2011
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Won't the new MOT rules take into account HID lamps and require self levelling and headlamp wash?
This is not an easy change back (just for the MOT test) like a 'bulb' would be.

Electronic parking brake
Electronic parking brake controls are now included and must be present and not inappropriately repaired or modified.
The car will fail if an Electronic Parking Brake warning lamp is illuminated to indicate a malfunction.

Electronic Stability Control
Checks of antilock brakes will be extended to include Electronic Stability Control if fitted.

Warning lights
As well as electronic parking brake and electronic stability control warning lights (where fitted) the MOT test will also include checks for the correct function of the following, where fitted;

Headlight main beam warning light
Electronic power steering warning light
Brake fluid level warning light
Tyre pressure monitoring system warning light
Air bag warning light
Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light

Steering & suspension
The new test includes a check on the presence and correct function of the steering lock where fitted as standard.
Missing, or split/damaged dust covers on steering and suspension ball-joints will result in failure if they will allow dirt to enter the joint.
Power steering fluid level must be above the minimum level indicated on the reservoir.

Products on the lens or light source that obviously reduce the light's intensity or change its colour will become a reason for failure – applies to front/rear position lamps, registration plate lamps, stop lamps, rear fog and direction indicators.
Headlight requirements are updated to take account of the particular characteristics of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.
HID headlights can cause dazzle if they are dirty or aimed too high so car manufacturers must fit headlamp cleaning and levelling systems.
A car will fail if a mandatory headlamp cleaning or levelling system is missing, doesn't work or is obviously defective.
Vehicles fitted with aftermarket HID systems must also be fitted with properly working washer and levelling systems.
If a headlamp bulb is not seated correctly the resulting beam pattern will be indistinct and this will result in a test fail.

Electrical wiring and battery
An insecure battery will be a reason for failure as will a battery that is leaking electrolyte.
Visible wiring that is insecure, inadequately supported or likely to cause a short will also result in a failure as will wires bared by damaged insulation.

Trailer/caravan electrical socket
There will be a basic security/damage check of 7-pin sockets.
13-pin sockets will be subject to a full electrical connectivity check and incorrectly connected or inoperative circuits will result in failure.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems fitted to vehicles first registered after 1 January 2012 must be working correctly and not indicating a malfunction.

Supplementary restraints
The vehicle will fail the test if any airbag fitted as original equipment is obviously missing or defective.
A seatbelt pre-tensioner fitted as original equipment but missing or that has obviously deployed will be a reason for failure.
Seatbelt load limiters that are missing where fitted as standard or folding webbing type limiters that have obviously deployed are also reasons for failure.
The vehicle will also fail if an SRS malfunction light is missing, not working or indicating a fault.

The car will fail if a speedometer is not fitted, is incomplete, inoperative, has a dial glass broken/missing or cannot be illuminated.

It must be possible to secure the driver's seat fore and aft adjustment mechanism in two or three different positions. On electric seats the motors must move the seat fore and aft.

A rear door that cannot be opened from the outside using the relevant control is a new reason for failure.
Doors must be easy to open and close – hinges, catches and pillars will be inspected.

Inappropriate repair or modification to the towbar assembly will be a reason for failure if judged likely to affect the roadworthiness of the vehicle/trailer.

A catalytic converter fitted as original equipment but missing will be a reason for failure.

Fuel system
Damaged or chafed fuel pipes will result in failure.


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Dec 7, 2011
the first revision of the above guidelines also listed a re-map as a MOT failure but evidently they couldnt find a means of testing it but yes, aftermarket HID kits not fitted with a washer+level will be a MOT failure. The local mechanic i go to told me to stay well clear of HID kits in general but especially now as they are tipped to be an MOT failure. He rekons thet while thoes regs wont come in for another year or so and are subject to change it is likely to stay on the list. The americans can get away with it because their beam patterns allow a much wider range than euro regs (presumable because our roads are narrower).


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Dec 16, 2011
I just saw this over on .net but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'll look into it further
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