Good old white spirit


Zorg Addict
Feb 10, 2013
Model of Z
Sold Z3M
I had forgotten how good white spirit was at getting years of grim off.

Decided late this afternoon to have a go at removing more of the years of grim from the underside of Z's bonnet. When I bought the car in December the underside of the bonnet looked like it had never been clean since the day it was delivered in 1998.

When I bought the car I attacked it with nearly every cleaning agent I had in the garage, yes it removed a bit but the bonnet was no where near how I wanted it (it still looked :yuck: ).

So this afternoon I attacked with white spirit and 2 cloths, after 2 hours and a few numb fingers it looks
loads better and nearly all of the grim is gone.:) Will attack again next week.

You may ask why I didn't power wash it off, mainly due to the fact that I didn't want to have water and spray everywhere.

So forget all your expensive cleaners and break out the WHITE SPIRIT.

badman gee

Just use an all purpose cleaner,

No smell, excellent degreaser.