Archived Genuine AC Schnitzer Roll hoops

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Dec 16, 2011
Well....I've only ever seen two sets for sale before (in the last 3~ years) and the most recent ones sold on here within a matter of hours for £651.

So i'm offering the same deal, £650 posted and they are yours - no offers

A small price to pay for one of the rarest and most desired modifications you can make to your Z3/Z3M. Please bear in mind i'm in no rush to sell, my brother also has his eye on them so if they don't sell he'll get first dibbs

Images below:

One of the leather pads does have an indentation in it where the seat has been left sat up against it for an extended period of time, this isn't really visible when fitted to the car. They also have scratches to the surface of the metal, i'm sure a good polish will sort this out.
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