Archived FOR SALE Z3 2.8 ///M style quad exhaust (pre-facelift)

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Jun 19, 2012
Recently (2 months old) had a cat back made for my pre-facelift 2.8 which has quad tips, and a new downpipe/main cat section too.

Thinking of a change in direction with the car, or possibly selling, so looking to return to stockish . Whole lot cost me £700 only two months ago and would like to claw some of this back, but expect a loss so a bargain for someone :)

Can either do cat back for £325 with a usable exhaust in exchange, or £425 with no exhaust swap


manifold back including a usable system for £425, or £525 no swaps.

No need to swap bumpers, as I have sourced another cosmos black bumper if no one wants to swap, and happy to cut their own bumper to fit the other tip (30 min job, taking your time to make a template etc)

This may also fit other models, 2.8 facelift (cat sections are different, but cat back might be same?) and maybe other engine sizes, please can someone confirm?

The cat back is the flange type, and bolts onto the cat section (not slip on type), as the cat back was made to fit the non oem (pattern) cat section, would recommend a exhaust shop to fit it incase there are any differences, either way a very simple task

Located in Southampton.

Anyone interested?

Also going to put up and wanted post for a stock/ish cat back so if i get that, there is no need for swaps
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