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For Sale For sale my 2002 2.2 Sport in Estoril Blue with Black classic leather interior and blue hood


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Jun 15, 2020
Selling my pride and joy due to relocating abroad long term for my engineering job. I'll be very sad to have to let this car go, but it has provided me with endless joy in the 12 months I have owned it. I have spent considerable sums in my year of ownership getting it to as close to restored as possible, and would love for it to go to a fellow forum enthusiast who can do the final few bits to take it over the line. Sorry in advance for the long post, but I'm thorough by nature so thought it was best to get all the information here in one go.

A Manual 2002 2.2i Sport in Estoril Blue with Black classic leather interior and Blue Hood. A fantastic colour combination, which I have never seen another one of in person!


Mileage is currently on about 83,200 miles, but will increase as I use it as my daily. I have put ~8000 miles on it in my 12 months of ownership.

This sports model has the following features from the factory as standard:
  • Heated leather seats (both fully functioning)
  • 17" Y Spoke Style 78 BMW Alloys (great condition, not been curbed)
  • Limited slip diff
  • M Sport suspension (2" lower than standard models I think)
  • Sports exhaust which is louder than the non-sports models. I love this but it's not everyone's cup of tea. It produces a beautiful note from the 6 cylinder engine.
The factory optional extras on this car are:
  • Individual Estoril Blue paint
  • Black Classic Leather
  • Dark Blue Hood
  • Electric Operated Hood
  • Heated Door Mirrors & Washer Jets
  • Air Conditioning
  • BMW Loudspeaker Hi-Fi system
  • Brushed aluminium centre console
There is hardly any rust on the car. I inspected it before buying and have also had it up on a ramp and can confirm the sills and arches are in great condition. Overall the bodywork is also in great condition, with no dents, scratches or scrapes. Only some minor stone chips present. To my knowledge the major mechanics are also sound, and I have had all necessary repairs carried out by a local BMW specialist in Bristol. With the extensive work done to it this year, the car has seen dramatic improvement in the driving experience, it's a real shame I have to let it go now, especially with the great weather having just arrived.

A summary of what has been done to the car in recent years below:

Work I have had done in my last 12 months of ownership:
  • Reupholstered smooth leather steering wheel with M-colour stitching, slightly thicker than stock from Royal Steering Wheels (March '21)
  • New Blue soft top (including rear window) to match stock colour from Jack Smith trimmers (July '20)
  • Virtually new Mohawk rear tyres (March '21)
  • New front brake pads, discs and calipers (Feb '21)
  • Rocker cover gasket replaced (Oct '20)
  • Both front suspension wishbones replaced to improve tramlining (Oct '20). This made great improvements in handling.
  • New battery (Oct '20)
  • Driver seat bushes replaced (from @Aceman)
  • Driver side seat tilt mod spacers fitted (from @t-tony)
  • Wind deflector (purchased from @Lee) and will come with the car
  • Folding roof header frame aluminium was slightly corroded in the driver side corner. I cleaned this back and repainted with hammerite. This is good enough for me, and was sufficient to make it look nice enough and stop further corrosion, but note the finish is far from bodyshop quality.
  • Sub-woofer was blown when purchased. I reconditioned it by refoaming the speaker and it has worked like a dream since. Being an audiophile this was number 1 on my priority list when I purchased the car!
Work that had been completed in the recent years prior to my purchase of car:
  • Replaced the stereo head unit with a new Pioneer Bluetooth single CD/USB one, so you can stream music and also take phone calls etc (the original dealer fit 6 cd is in situ in the boot)
  • Front bumper completely resprayed
  • Rear bumper corner resprayed
  • Upgraded Powerflex poly bushes fitted front and rear
  • New Tie-end rods fitted (Lemforder)
  • New Radiator
  • Yaw sensor replaced under the passenger seat
  • Brake pads and discs fitted all round (Pagid)- Note I have also replaced these relatively new front brake pads, discs and calipers, this is because I had a problem with a sticky caliper, which was actually an advisory on last MOT (brake binding).
  • Off-side door mirror mount replaced with an X8R composite one
The car will be sold with a fresh MOT and full service. You will appreciate it has already had the vast majority of work that it needed doing to it complete already. Some minor niggles that need doing to get the car to "mint condition" are:
  • Get the roof header frame with the subpar finish mentioned above professionally resprayed
  • Drivers seat-belt guide plastic clip has broken
  • Leather on the bolsters of the drivers seat is worn and could do with reconditioning using a leather restoration/dye kit.
It's got 5 dealer stamps in the service book, the handbook is complete but there is only 1 key

I am looking for £5995.

Photos are attached and I'm based in Bristol. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, I'm happy to take more detailed photos of specific areas.


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Dec 31, 2013
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Such a shame you have to part with this lovely car, but as it's for your job then needs must. Good luck in getting the price you're asking, well worth it in my view.


ps. When/if you get back to the UK come back to a Z.


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That looks like Imperial Park