Archived For sale: BMW Z3 clear OEM HEADLIGHTS, almost new.

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Jun 20, 2013
For sale: BMW Z3 clear OEM HEAD LIGHTS, almost new.
These head lights are in perfect condition. They have clear indicators and are after facelift, so in the inside they have the silver rings around the reflectors.
See pictures on Picasa:

These headlights were installed brand new when the car (Z3 2.8 roadster) was imported in the UK. I recently imported the car to the Netherlands and I had to take the RHD headlights off and fit LHD lights. Very regretfully, because I now miss the superb building quality of the OEM lights and its perfect light distribution from the beams.
The headlights must have been used for a very short time only, because they really look like new. The glasses have no damages (stone chips or whatsoever) and only one or two very tiny scratches (I probably cannot find them back!) that may occur after a short ride already. The mechanical attachment points are also in perfect condition.
The beam height adjustment works perfectly, but as usual, the motors do not belong to the headlight units themselves and have to be taken from your old head lights units. The lenses are clear. The orange glow that you can see on some picture comes from the orange indicator bulbs.
The new price is some GBP 800 for the set of two. This an unique chance for somebody who appreciates OEM quality for a bit more than the price of Taiwanese after market lights: BGP 290.
Shipment from the Netherlands to the UK will be done in the boxes and foam packing where I received my LHD head lights in. Shipment will costs GBP 16,-, including track and trace and insurance.
Alternatively: I arrive in Dover on 25 June and travel to the West and onto Holyhead. So.. maybe who could arrange meeting.
Frank vB
feel free to phone: 0031 343 515151 or mail:
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