Archived For Sale: 2006 BMW 535d M-Sport Touring

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Aug 25, 2012
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We're thinking of selling my wifes car, its a 2006 BMW M-Sport Estate/Touring. Its the highly rated and very powerful 535d. (3 litre twin turbo) Standard they are 286bhp, a simple £300 remap can up this to 350bhp and something like 700 torque! In the M-Sport guise this is the most sort after of the range (do not confuse it with the lesser Sport and SE models that command significantly less)

It has just gone over 100k miles, has full service history and is in good condition. It does have a scrape on the front bumper but we will get that sorted before the sale.

It has the sort after widescreen Sat Nav, full leather, heated / electric seats with memory, bi-xenon self levelling headlights, dual zone climate control, cruise control etc etc. Basically its got a lot of options.

The colour combination is arguably the most desireable; Carbon Metallic Black with black leather. It has the 18" M-Sport alloys. We have replaced all the run flats with proper tyres (most do this as it signficantly improves the ride)

I also had a very expensive Tow Bar system fitted, with the proper dedicated electrics. When a trailer is connected it disables the rear parking sensors, the rear suspension self levels (its on air) and it has some fancy stability control to prevent snaking (you can tow in triple figures! Not that you would of course!) I had this fitted to tow the FD, I took it to one event, the gearbox on the FD went and my FD never saw a track again. So the tow bar has been used for less than 200miles!

This would make the ultimate tow car and/or family car. It towed the FD like it wasn't even there, so much better than my Navara or Delica. But in luxury :) And if you have kids, dogs or just loads of stuff to cart around its ideal as you can fit so much in there. The rear has factory fit privacy glass all round so again great for protecting kids from the sun/heat and from a security point of view. The boot also has the slide over cover.

Price wise we're asking £9500

May consider a p/x if its a sub £2k diesel estate or some cutesy car that my wife would like :D

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