Fitting BMW Z3 OEM Mesh Wind Deflectors

Peter Shores

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British Zeds
Jun 1, 2018
Model of Z
2.2 and 2.8
After bagging an X reg 2.2i wide body with one remote key for £1500 and having shelled out £50 for a service key spare from BMW (which worked first time) I now face the need to buy a wind deflector on account of my wife's hair do when the soft top is down...

I like to stay OEM so on eBay there are two mesh types (with the unzip-able centre piece) for sale both for offers below £200 buy it now (gulp) but there seem to be two versions that fit over the roll bar hoops present on my car. One with four straps and one with two but with fixing screws.

How do you install these as it isn't apparent to yours truly and which is best? Also what is a reasonable price to offer or does anyone have one for sale on the forum?