Engine noise?


Zorg Guru (IV)
British Zeds
Dec 5, 2011
South Wales.
Hello fellow zedders.
The Alpina i recently bought needed the brake fluid replaced so i contacted my
mechanic who was BMW trained but now works for himself to carry out the change
for me and i asked him to give the car a check over as well.
The only thing that concerns him was there is a slight rattle noise which he believes
is to do with the vanos!!
I have rang the garage where i had the car and they now need me to take it to them
so that they can also listen to this rattle but it is about a 3 hour drive.
I had a browse on the internet, because i didnt know what a vanos was, and also
read some comments from other BMW owners who says that its not realy something
to worry about as it's quite common to this type of car.
Anyway i'm wondering what advice anyone has about this noise and is it something
that's common to the car or should i consider it an urgent matter.
I only took out the low option warranty with the car but feel confident that they will
look into it for me. But, if my warranty does'nt cover this what is the expected cost
of repair?
By the way the car runs great at the moment, i didnt even know there was a noise
until this fluid change!!