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Discussion in 'Performance' started by zedonist, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. zedonist

    zedonist Guest

    Anyone using Dynolicious?

    Have completed a run in my Galaxy and the Z3 now

    Galaxy did 0-60 in 14 Seconds, (13.7 Specification), driver error

    Z3 did 0-60 in 9.59 Seconds (9.2 Specicification), again a bit of driver error

    But for the age of the cars they obviously have not lost much over the years in terms of horses
  2. badman gee

    badman gee Guest

    treat yourself and take the handbrake off next time.
  3. zedonist

    zedonist Guest

    You cant call elf n safety a treat!
  4. GazHyde

    GazHyde The Gaz Monkey
    Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator British Zeds

    Dec 2, 2011
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    BMW Z4 3.0Si Sport
    Err, confused. What's a Dynolicious?

    I read Galaxy and thought of phone and then realised it was your car :nurse: :dead:

    Just had a look on the iTunes and Google Play store but none the wiser :bookworm:
  5. zedonist

    zedonist Guest

    I left the detail out to generate the questions ;)

    Its an iphone app, that works off the GPS and accelerometers to record your cars performance in relation to speed over distance, gforce etc and produces the stats in graphical form, and if you include the cars parameters, weight, %loss etc, it can calculate the BHP at the wheels and the fly wheel.

    Now i dont know about the integrity of the BHP figures, but the speed over time is spot on data collection wise, and it was good to see that my 1.9 obviously still has all its horses and acheives close to shop bought 0 - 60 time (but then the engine is a fine looked after example), i actually reckon from looking at the graph i could beat it by half a second, if i could launch correctly.

    It would be interesting to get the time runs for all the Z3 engines, i will post my graph later.