Changing car


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Apr 17, 2012
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Z3 3.0 auto
Well, have been pondering about the old X5 we have as are daily runner and came to the conclusion it was becoming a bit of a white elephant and so was wondering what to do.
Tyres are coming up for replacement, recently spent a lot on it at the indie and still not happy with a few issues like central locking, alarm, ride quality and a few other issues.
We bought it 18 months ago, had the bad winters in mind, that we have had.
Did I want to pour more money into a car that was rapidly devaluing or should we cut our losses a get shot.
Was lying in bed Monday night considering the options and after consulting my far better half we decided to pop along to the local Bmw main dealer and throw a few options around.
Result being we are now part-exing it for a 330d M Sport convertible.
Having drooled over a few cars in the showroom (way out of our price range) was starting to feel a little despondent, funnily enough the only cars appealing to me were convertibles, none of the saloons or coupes these days have sunroofs and cant see myself in a car that you cant feel the sun through.
Then the salesman say's what about this 330 conv. well, I can honestly say I was gobsmacked with the car, its condition, spec and price, then when the figures came out and were surprisingly good, so we went for it and we pick it up on Saturday.
Colour is Sparkling Graphite with Creme Beige- Dakota all immaculate.
Now I am wondering :coolsteer) what about the Zeds.


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Dec 2, 2011
Model of Z
I was tempted to change my daily driver to a 3series ragtop. Was looking at 330i's. Ended up with a Diesel Cooper instead, nowhere near as fun!