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Archived Brands Hatch Sunday 15th July

Discussion in 'Archived Posts (Read Only)' started by zedster4, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. zedster4

    zedster4 Zorg Addict
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    Jan 19, 2012
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    Hi Guy's,

    Just received an invitation from Clive asking if any body here would be interested in the following. It's looks like I'm doubled booked with the Kimbolton show, if I get a place, so may not be able to make it. Anyway, the offer is there if anybody is interested!
    Don't worry about being a UK car club member as I've already spoken with Clive and he's happy for non-members to go.

    Bazza :coolsteer)

    HI Everyone

    We have been offered the fantastic opportunity to make PROVISIONAL booking for one of the BMW UK’s hospitality boxes situated along the start/finish line at Brands Hatch for the forthcoming FIA Formula Two, International Open GT’s as well as European Open F3 and support races as detailed on http://www.motorsportvision.co.uk The races take place on Sunday July 15th.

    If you are genuinely interested in putting you name down for this event, then please do so either by return of e-mail or text me on 07500804988

    Tickets will be offered on a basis of a maximum of two per Club Member… your membership number will be required if you are successful. Tickets cost just £10.00pp which is non returnable and must be paid in full on acceptance of your booking confirmation.

    If we get sufficient interest and numbers, then we will be able to confirm this in due course at which point further details will be sent out as appropriate.

    Please note: whilst Children under 13 have free General Admission a paid ticket is required for the hospitality box.

    Cost of “on the gate” general admission on the day is £21.00 pp so this represents a great opportunity to watch racing at one of the best circuits in the UK and meet like minded members.

    No Monies are required until confirmation.


    Clive Skoulding

    BMW CC EA Events Coordinator and Essex Rep

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.