Boot Wiring Loom Central Locking Issues


Zorg Guru (V)
British Zeds
Dec 5, 2011
Near Llangollen North Wales
Model of Z
Z4 3.0 SE
Just a quick Guide to those that may be experiencing problems with the central locking on the Z3, I had a problem when I first got the car, in that the Boot Lid and Passenger Door would not lock or open, only the driver’s door would lock when the central locking was activated by the remote, even though when the key was inserted into the passenger door it locked the driver’s door but not the boot. I was advised to check the Wiring loom that runs in between the Car and the Boot lid and after stripping the shrink film was surprised to find this: a burned charred wiring loom:

I repaired this by doing the following, plenty of loom was available so the first thing I done was to disconnect the Battery, and then cut the intact wires to completely separate the loom and trimmed of any charred parts from the wiring.

I then cut the wiring so it was staggered at the point where they would connect, to keep the repaired loom as thin as possible, so that the connectors would not be bunched together.

Before Joining the loom I slipped a length of shrink tubing over the loom ... 3cc10fcbd4 and then joined the wires.
This can be done in a number of ways but I used these: ... 45f139eb6e
Good bit of kit as they are crimped on and then heat shrunk to the wire.

I then slipped the shrink tubing over the repair and using a heat gun shrunk the tubing.
Job Done

Sadly the passenger door still wouldn’t lock or unlock, I have traced this back to a faulty actuator in the door.