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Boost Fuel Economy

Discussion in 'General Banter' started by FRANKIE, Dec 15, 2013.


    FRANKIE Zorg Guru (V)
    American Zeds The M44 Massive

    Sep 2, 2013
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    Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA
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    Got this from newspaper : The Inquirer (Philadelphia) Many things are commonsense and I already know, however some of them are new to me.:
    DOG SNIFF037.jpg

    GAS ECONOMY039.jpg
  2. Aceman

    Aceman Moderator
    British Zeds 3rd Party Trader

    Dec 5, 2011
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    ///M Roadster
    Yep agree with all that. There are some amazingly efficient engines out there now in new cars and the one mentioned like the Ford EcoBoost range are incredibly frugal reaching same economy figures as diesels. I think we must be approaching the standard 4 stroke combustion engines limit of efficiency and hybrid/electric is going to really take off soon with possibility of fuel cell cars having a big impact. Once they can get the prices down just a it more so more Joe Bloggs can afford them then supply and demand will take over and prices will drop dramatically.

    Some interesting times ahead in the automotive industry. !
  3. joey

    joey Zorg Addict
    British Zeds The M44 Massive

    May 17, 2013
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    1.9 16v M44
    I see the end of the internal combustion engine looming...:eek:
  4. zedonist

    zedonist Guest

    I'm hangin in for rocket ships!

    The technology for electric cars has been around for many years and is very advanced, it was used on the moon landing, it is used on the Mars Rovers, which is good because there is no economic benefit for the oil barons, how ever back to Planet Earth, Oil is still Black Gold and drives our economy, the car companies are only producing token vehicles at present and they are not attractive enough to gain mainstream attraction (distance, charging, cost etc), until economies can move away from the market influence of current energy provision, then i am afraid the Infernal combustion engine will remain, and hybrid technology will see many of us out, without a glimpse of that most wanted Rocket Ship.

    Factor in Elf n bloody Safety, and the car could be banned altogether, when and if we ever get public transportation sorted. So no need to worry just yet then.............