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BMW Z4 BMW Z4 - How to change your steering wheel

Ben Nylk

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British Zeds
Dec 14, 2014
Model of Z
Z4 2.5i
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BMW Z4 - How to change your steering wheel - How to change your steering wheel

Parts & Tools Needed
1 x New Steering Wheel
1 x Long thin screwdriver
1 Socket (To remove main wheel bolt)

Time Needed

Approx 30 minutes

1) Locate the small holes at around 10 and 2 o’ clock position behind the steering wheel.

View attachment 11127

2) Insert the long thin screwdriver into the hole. Push the bar towards the centre.

View attachment 11128

3) The airbag will then “pop” out and hang but it is okay so don’t worry. Start to unplug the wires. When...
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