Bmw z3 5.0 build help!

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May 9, 2013
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Hey guys I was looking on the web and i saw a website They are saying that you can put a 5.0 mustang engine without hammering down firewall, or changing steering Colomn etc. and considering how are cars are a parts bin car of a e36, I figured are cars can too. It says you can do it on m's 325 and even 318's. 318's are 4cyl m44 cars so now my question comes down to this. Can this build work on a bmw z3 1.9? I figure it can but any input? They engine is about te same weight as the m52 engine (480-500) but the 4cyl is definatly lighter. So would that mean I would have to do some upgraded suspension work as well? Also I do not plan on selling my car for a faster m52 version of the z3 so I was wondering if I can get any input or info regarding the swap between the z3 1.9 to the mustang 5.0 engine. I've seen swaps from m52- 5.0 but I'm my sure if I've seen a z3 with the m44 to the 5.0 conversion. Any comments and suggestions (besides getting a different car) would be great! Anyone who has a 1.9 z3 an is interested and can look up information too, maybe we can tackle this info together! I think it's an interesting build and if built correctly can be rediculous in power! Thanks guys

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Dec 5, 2011
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I think Mark Norton over on .net tried and failed to fit a Ford V8 into his 1.9 Z3 as the motor was too high resulting in the sump being too low. The Chevi V8 is a much better proposition and as Gary says speak to Deano as he has done a fantasic LS2 conversion all done with his own hands in his standard sized garage which has gained him heroic appreciation across the Z3 community.