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Bmw Mz8 Renderings

Discussion in 'General Car Stuff or non-Zed Specific Stuff' started by Zorg, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Zorg

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    New futuristic BMW renderings hit the interwebs. Christophe Jourd’hui, a French designer from International School of Design and Benjamin Baron, a former intern at BMW DesignWorks Munich, launch a project called BMW MZ8. The project was carried out while at BMW but this shorter version of it took a month to finalize.

    The renderings pay tribute to the BMW 8 Series and Z8 models. According to Jourd’hui, the BMW MZ8 project “commemorates the 40 years of Motorsport department. I decided to work on a spyder in honor of the Z8 and 8 series. Modern interpretation of the Motorsport philosophy.”

    Together with Baron, they focused on idea sketches and 3D design process.


    Furthermore, the MZ8 was envisioned as a rear mid-engine car which ideally would make over 600 horsepower. Iconic elements like the kidney-grille, shark nose and roadster proportions have been incorporated into the futuristic project.

    Let’s have a look.


    [Source: Behance.net]

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