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Bmw M9 Roadster – Renderings

Discussion in 'General Car Stuff or non-Zed Specific Stuff' started by Zorg, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Jun 7, 2012
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    A Romanian desginer, Razvan Radion, builds atop his previous BMW M9 renderings and lets us dream about a future M9 Roadster. Starting with the core BMW design cues, as well as with the typical proportions of a BMW roadster – long bonnet, short overhangs and strong, bold front-end – the rendering artist offers a fairly realistic impression of what the M9 could look like.

    “Even though this concept is marketed under the same name as the previous M9 rendering, I decided to evolve the design into a roadster, but with a different angle,” says the Radion for Promotor. “This new concept only carries over the chassis and proportions from the previous rendering, everything else was designed following the current BMW design language, with an emphasis on the design cues found in the M Sport Packages.”


    The front-end is dominated by the large and aggressive air intakes with air curtains, as well as by the elongated kidney grille with 3D slats. The squarish double-round headlights seen on newer BMWs have evolved into an even more trapezoid shape giving the car a road-focused look. The side of the car is dominated by the typical Zickler line (“character line”) sculpted into the side panels and doors that emphasizes the sporty design of the car.

    At the rear, the artists drew inspiration from the current BMW M6 Convertible with the typical L-shaped taillights, diffuser and twin double-pipes.

    The long bonnet could potentially house a V8 engine, ideally the naturally-aspirated type.

    Here is a full gallery of the BMW M9 Roadster:


    [Source: Behance]

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