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Archived anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Archived Posts (Read Only)' started by Renaud, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Renaud

    Renaud Zorg Addict
    British Zeds

    Jan 24, 2012
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    Z3MR S54
    Hello All,

    We have some significant building work coming up, part of this will include the main garage being pulled down and rebuilt.

    At the moment, the M is tucked up in the garage under its cover. As I don't think its right to stick it outside in all weathers, I thought I would test the water and see if any fellow .org members are looking for a very good example of an M roadster.

    The high level details are as follows:

    Face lift 2000 (W) model M roadster in Estoril . (based in Newbury)

    43000 miles with all green service lamps.

    No hint of modifications, other than a strut brace. As with most of the owners on .net/.org, we all spend a lot of time and money pampering and getting our cars in the best condition possible, this car is no exception.

    I'm not going to post the usual question of what do people think its worth, I'm asking £9000.

    If I don't sell the car, I will SORN it and stick it in a friends secure lock up whilst the building work goes on, then probably look at selling in the spring (or if can get away with it?
    , try and hold onto it!).

    Let me know if any of you are interested and I can then give you more comprehensive details, photos, etc.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.