Another Loom of Doom


Zorg Guru (IV)
British Zeds
Nov 25, 2012
Newport, South Wales,UK
Model of Z
Z3 M43 1.8 (1999) and Z4 E85 2.5 (2003)
Central locking wouldn't work today, also blew a fuse, I went straight to the boot lid loom and had a feel about after unclipping it from the side, didn't feel right so stripped back the outer covering and low and behold quite a few wires had the plastic covering split revealing bright copper, obviously some had shorted out with each other and blew the fuse. Most of the damage in the area where the loom is clipped with a plastic clip to the side of the boot. None of the wires had fractured so wrapped the damages with insulating tape individualy and restored the central locking. Will be making more permenant repairs by soldering the damaged areas when I have time. I have previously repaired another members loom, his was a lot worse than mine with many fractures and a build up of green gunge in the loom. Soldered all the breaks on his and shrink wrapped each wire then rewrapped the loom using split plastic conduit. Checked the system out using INPA and sure enough fault codes were set indicating shorts and intermittant connection faults. Cleared the codes when fixed and so far no further codes, all workinhg as it should. Worth noting that I didn't clip it back into place with the plastic clip, its positioned so it runs free between the two grommets and dosn't get trapped when the lid is closed. Seems to be less stress on the cable now without it being held in place with the clip.