Another Emissions Indicator problem?!?


Zorg Expert (I)
British Zeds
Mar 10, 2015
Model of Z
E89 20i msport
On the way to work this morning I had the Emission Degradation Indicator come on. I didn't notice immediately and didn't even know what it was when I saw it.

Nothing seemed to be amiss - all the power was there, no noise or other sign so after a quick inspection, I pressed on - my presumption is that its a sensor (Lambda?).

As it happened, I'd decided to have a play with my GoPro this morning and set it up to capture images to produce a Time-Lapse of the journey. On reviewing the photos, I saw that the light came on about a minute into the journey. Not only that, it was coincident with a huge bump shown in consecutive images as seen below. The images are 0.5 sec apart.

I can't imagine that the sensor would respond to a change so quickly due to any damage being caused to the exhaust manifold or cat etc, so I'm suspecting even more that its a sensor.
Anybody know which is the likely culprit and where it/they are situated?