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Dec 2, 2011
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Just got this through the MNDA. I watched the two videos, and really liked the songs so thought I would share!

What's A Dying Man Got To Sing About? I (Alistair) was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease 18 months ago. Me and a group of friends decided to write and record a collection of songs under the banner "Alistair The Optimist", and in the summer of 2011 recorded an album in 3 days.

The album captures a moment in time when my weakening muscles still allowed me to play drums, something I am no longer able to do, and as such, the band will never play live.

Be an incurable optimist and do something optimistic today.

You can download this track, and get the rest of the album too. 22% of downloads go to Motor Neurone Disease Association, the rest to my family.