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Feb 10, 2013
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Sold Z3M
at roughly this time in the morning I went and looked at a Z3M Roadster, an hour later after some fairly hard bargaining I was driving home in said Roadster. Which arrived home and was parked up alongside the B10 Alpina and the MX5.
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First impressions where the car as a whole needed some TLC but nothing major (I hoped), but for what I paid even if it was hiding any horrors I could either fix or at worst case break the car and get most of my money back.

Over the past year I done approaching 18,000 miles in the car had 3 services and New Years Eve sees it's 3rd set of rear tyres being fitted. Fronts are still the same as I fitted at the start of the year but have been giving a break after fitting a spare set of rims a few weeks ago, if I am honest they will only get used as and when I do track days.

It has also had 3 different sets of graphics (which I know grate with some on here)


Over the year the car has had a road trip to Scotland for a week with its friend a Aplina Z4 Roadster and the yearly trip with a group of friends to visit the Nurburgring for a long weekend. Three track days have been completed and after the first one due to the car handling so badly, if the MX5 had still been in ownership the Z would have been ousted. But I decided to give it a fair crack of the whip and said that the trip to the Nurburgring would be its make or break point. Before this however the weeks trip to Scotland proved that the Z was not as bad as I thought and covered just over 2,500 miles in our week away. However the pocket did take a bashing due to the amount of fuel used.

So the time came for the trip to Germany and some serious playing, the Z performed amazingly well and proved that its was a car for big power circuits, I did however get to within 10 seconds of my best ever time. So I decided while I was away that I would treat the Z to coil overs on my return.

So coil overs where fitted and a track day booked to see what was what, well what a difference and we completed approximately 150 miles on track that day, for 2 tanks of fuel. Yes there are still issues with the car but it is like driving a completely different car and I can carry on doing other stuff to help.

So will I keep it????​

I can't put hand on heart and say yes, not like I can with the B10 Alpina which is a car I "love". If something was to come along that caught my eye and it was right then the Z would probably have to find a new owner. Or if someone came along and made an offer that was acceptable then it would go.

The Z gets used in all weathers and only gets a break when I decide to take the B10 out for a run. It has seen floods, ice, snow and the sun when it shows its head. If there is no rain the roof is down even at night regardless of the temperature.

The Car I like and use.

The Car I Love and pamper but still use seriously.

Its been a fun year although a costly one, Happy New Year everyone.


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Dec 2, 2011
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I enjoy reading why other people love their cars. Makes me feel less of a saddo car nut, and ever so slightly more human :cool:

Happy New Year Mark!