2014 Bmw M3 Sounds Great On Nurburgring


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Dec 2, 2011
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With just a few months left before its world debut, the 2014 F80 BMW M3 takes on Nurburgring for a series of testing sessions.

As we reported earlier, the F80 BMW M3 will be powered by an inline-six engine, despite a V6 engine being tested at some point in the process. The engine of choice is a newly developed unit that is said to be rated at around 450 horsepower. The new M3 is expected to be slightly faster than the current E90 generation thanks to a lower weight. If it falls under 1500 kilograms, then the F80 M3 should be more than a strong contender for similar offerings from Audi and Mercedes.

Judging by the sound of the videos below, the new engine won’t disappoint.

As far as design, all future M cars will have the M designation on the front grille as well as the boot rump. According to Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW VP of Design, the Bavarians will further distinguish their M models from the rest of the lineup: “We are making subtle changes already: all future M cars will have blue brake callipers, or gold when carbon discs are fitted. We’re looking at graphite door mirrors and wheel finishes, and black chrome exhaust tips too.”

Van Hooydonk also says that BMW is “working hard to make the interiors of our M cars feel more distinct. We are developing new fabrics for use in our top-end cabins, and you’ll see more aluminum and blue strips inside M cars.”

BMW’s M Division is investing a lot of their time into weight reductions techniques via use of carbon fiber materials. The roof of the M3 will be baked from CFRP, and BMW is developing the first ceramic brakes seen on an M3.

The doors, bootlid and bonnet of the M3 will be skinned in aluminum and the classy five-spoke alloys will be forged items to remove weight as well.

The 2014 BMW M3 will debut in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show.

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