1. C

    Does it look good in Black & White?

  2. S

    Newbie here!

    Hi all, newbie on here and newbie to Z3. I’ve purchased my first 2002 Z3 1.9i and looks like I’ve ran into a common problem… oily engine. Took it to the garage for a service and mechanic noticed engine was covered in a lot of oil, but couldn’t identify the leak due to the amount of oil covering...
  3. Low Rider

    For Sale A pair of Z3. Clear Headlights. R1 & L1

    £225 delivered
  4. jamesxx

    New Z3 Coupe Owner!

    Hello! I'm James and I live in Bath in the UK. I’ve always loved the Z3 Coupe and recently became the proud owner a 2001 3.0l. This particular car spent the first 20 years of its life in Japan where in 2022 it was bought at auction and shipped to Dubai. After restoration and a thorough tidy...
  5. Bez

    BMW Z3 2.2 Sport automatic 2002

    Hi Guys Very excited to be a newbie on this forum. I love everything BMW, but especially my BMW Z3 2.2 Sport. She gets admiring comments whereever she goes. I know I have a lot to learn, but hopefully something to contribute too. Many thanks and great to be onboard.
  6. Lums123

    Hi Z3 crew

    Hi there! just bought a lovely z3 1.9 and I’m in love! car was a cat D so I’ve just discovered it needs OSR Trailing arm as it’s had a knock and the camber is out. if anyone has one for sale give us a message would be greatly appreciated. my new pride n joy for attention
  7. VioletAlexandriaMiller

    Hell-Rot Z3 - Tigard, Oregon @4:00 pm

    Saw a beautiful and well detailed Z3 in bright red today going onto pacific highway.Older guy driving with the top down. Was a nice sunny day today for it. Very great. Tried to wave and give him a thumbs up but but he didnt notice. I was driving a '06 Chrysler Shi*bring and I wouldnt wanna look...
  8. Drive it day at Statfold

    Drive it day at Statfold

    Annual drive it day outing for charity went to Statfold Barn Railway near Tamworth.
  9. Ruddington Transport classic meet 05 02 23

    Ruddington Transport classic meet 05 02 23

    Morning run out to GCRN Ruddington for breakfast and coffee meet with other classic owners.
  10. Asab

    Eibach springs

    Hello, I’ve just ordered some Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit E2062-140, for my 1999 2.0 wonder if anyone can tell me what they are like? And what issues they may of had when it come to servicing, and overall ride hight after fitting. The chap who normally looks after my cars says he’s had...
  11. W

    Z3 Cranks over but not starting, then I try a few times later and it starts?? HELP!

    Recently bought a 1997 m44 Z3, drives really well etc… intermittently I go to start it and I can hear the fuel pump go, the starter goes to start as normal but it doesn’t fire…. Then I try about 5-12 times later and it starts. I have no idea what to look for. The cabin smells of fuel so could it...
  12. alinasexotics

    👋 from NY - '98 Z3 2.8L

    Greetings from New York 👋 I've owned my 1998 BMW Z3 Roadster 2.8L for about four years. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, it did sit for a majority of this time. I've enlisted with the forum in the hopes of receiving help and opinions where necessary and getting tips for bringing it back to...
  13. Mus Musculus

    New member - Z3 1.9 1998

    Hi all, Just joined the forum, completely newbie to BMW Z3 ownership, but I like the looks of the car… ;) I own a 1973 Triumph Spitfire MKIV, so the Z3 is my idea of a more practical classic. I am learning, the hard way, that perhaps I should have researched a little bit further, but it's...
  14. G

    BMW Z3 Crank/No Start/No codes

    Good evening all! I am at a bit of a loss on what to do next with this situation. Keep in mind that I am not the most mechanically savvy. Wanted to post here since I've been reading on a lot of very helpful posts when trying to diagnose this. Our 98 BMW Z3 Coupe 2.8L all of a sudden decided to...
  15. Richardrix

    Z3 Climate control bulb replacements

    Hi, 2000 Z3 3.0i I have a bulb out in behind my climate control and the other doesn;t seem to work that well. Having trouble finding replacements. I also wondered if anyone knows if there are LED replacements for these bulbs? The air con button also does not light up when the headlights are...
  16. Stirling Jones

    BMW M54 Exhaust

    Hey just got a 2001 Z3 2.2L was looking at doing a cat back mod on it and wondering if the M54B22 uses the same exhaust as the M54B25 - Cheers Stirling
  17. george pauley

    Hardtop instalation

    Hi guys weird question but do i keep the ragtop folded down when putting the hardtop on? also any tips for mounting the hardtop
  18. Low Rider

    Expired BMW Z3 Wind Deflector

    BMW Z3 1998-2002 Wind Deflector Original BMW Factory Part OEM. £135 Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class
  19. Low Rider

    SOLD BMW Z3 Polished Chrome Bonnet Grill

    £135 posted
  20. Low Rider

    Expired Z3 Boot Lid Carpet

    This was made by a member of Zroadster.org and given to me. After a conversation we have decided to offer it for sale with the proceeds going to Zroadster.org. I would ask for the carriage charge to be paid by the purchaser. As for how much I really don't know so lets ask for offers and see were...