z3 wing panels

  1. Witchsilver

    Removing side panels from z3

    OK, so my front side panels all have surface rust on the leading edge - Passenger side is pretty crunchy to be honest!! I bought a new panel which is just having its first coats of base colour. Does anyone have an idiots guide for JUST removing the side panel? - I have been through all I can...
  2. steve13

    Wanted both Sill panels & both front wing panels for 1999 z3 (schwarz black)

    Hi Guys a couple of questions too. Ok first post on here, as it says looking for two sill panels for my z3 1999 model roadster. Wondering if anyone had any new/decent replacement ones, would be perfect if they were Schwarz black. Also looking for the two front wing panels again in Schwarz...