z3 roadster

  1. VioletAlexandriaMiller

    Black Z3 Roadster - Central Beaverton, Oregon

    So small compared to all the other cars 😊
  2. VioletAlexandriaMiller

    White 2.5i in rough shape San Jose, California

    I can't believe I never posted this one, but I was in San Jose too meet a guy from Germany funnily enough, and this was parked outside the apartment complex we were staying at. The front fender was pretty messed up along the bottom, and the center of it looks like it's nearing it's time to say...
  3. Beamer1

    Z3 Exhaust

    Hi Everyone. My 2002 Z3 Roadster 1.9 needs a complete exhaust system. At the moment it has patch upon patch upon weld etc etc. The front section including cat convertor is readily available but the only rear sections I can find are in Germany (Part No. 18101438089) which I may have to go for as...
  4. M

    97 Z3 Engine Cooling Issues

    1997 Z3 Roadster - 1.9 - 88,000 miles Overheated after long drive when arriving in driveway - Lost fluid, refilled when cool. There is probably a leak somewhere, searching that out. Coolant was blowing out through the expansion tank cap, not a huge amount. Possible cap not holding pressure...
  5. Beckyhartline2


    I'm having alot of problems from my 1999 bmw z3 roadster 2.8. I just got it and its been broken down almost the entire time. I went to eat dinner came out and car wouldn't start. Its nit throwing any codes,it has fuel as will as fuel pressure, ive changed cam sensor, I've changed crank sensor...
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  7. hans W-Larsen

    BMW Z3 Roadster

  8. Chris Ingram

    New Member - Chris, Herefordshire

    Hi all, I'm Chris from Herefordshire - new member of Zroadster.org. My daughter came across some of your members at Ross-on-Wye at the end of October and was excited to pass on your details to me, as knew I would be interested in joining. I wanted to introduce myself and my reasonably newly...
  9. Geoff

    SOLD 2000 BMW Z3 Roadster

    CAR WAS SOLD ON 9/18/16. 2000 BMW Z3 Roadster with 98k miles. All original with 5-speed manual transmission, 2.5 liter inline 6-cylinder engine, black paint, beige interior with heated leather seats, power convertible top, new Pirelli tires. Front-end bra included. Dealer serviced and summer...