z3 - 3 litre

  1. jamesxx

    New Z3 Coupe Owner!

    Hello! I'm James and I live in Bath in the UK. I’ve always loved the Z3 Coupe and recently became the proud owner a 2001 3.0l. This particular car spent the first 20 years of its life in Japan where in 2022 it was bought at auction and shipped to Dubai. After restoration and a thorough tidy...
  2. D

    For Sale .

  3. Beckingham show

    Beckingham show

    Lovely cruise there and back plenty to see.
  4. Cromford Classic car show 2022

    Cromford Classic car show 2022

    Another local classic car .
  5. sywell


    My first supper car fest
  6. Mihir Korke

    Body scuttle z3 roadster- what could be the causes?

    Hi everyone. Have a 3.0 with under 27k miles but feel the body scuttle as I go over train tracks or uneven roads, mostly at speeds under 40mph. What are typical causes and solutions you have encountered.
  7. Peimli

    Upgrading shocks on 2001 Z3 3.0i roadster

    Hi guys, I want to exchange my original shock absorbers and springs. I either would like to keep it the original stiffness or slightly stiffer perhaps as I’m worried if it’s too stiff it would damage the subframe. I was thinking a set of Bilstein B4 or a little harder B6. Any experience with...
  8. Guzzibat

    Z3 - 3 Litre

    Hi everyone - nice to be here.