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  1. CTZCar

    M44 5500rpm misfire or early Rev limiter kick in

    Hello fellow M44 fanatics. I am new to zroadster.org and wondered if anybody had any ideas on what might cause rev limiter to kick in at 5500rpm or maybe misfire. Engine runs perfectly under 5500rpm and when cold appears to rev above 5500rpm but when heated up revs our at 5500rpm. Have heard...
  2. GaryFeakins

    Video Z4 Race Car Onboard Video - MSVR Z Cars Race Series

    A quick clip from our very excitable 17 year old test driver, in our MSVR Z Cars Racing Z4 3.0...... enjoy!...... For more information on the race series, check out - http://www.garyfeakinsracing.co.uk/z-cars-racing/