wiring harness

  1. MikeK

    Z3 Stereo connection with CD changer.

    Hi, I recently bought a 1998 1.9 z3. Cassette radio was disconnected, and its obvious that the previous owner tried to replace it with no success. There was a broken CD changer at the back with all PCBs broken. I am trying to install a new stereo, i bought the cable that converts the BMW...
  2. C

    New Z3 Owner - Excited to be here!

    Greetings! I've wanted a Z3 for about 20 years; I just bought my first one. It's a 2001 2.5 with a manual transmission. I'm having great fun with it! I had a few things to sort out, one of which was the airbag light is on. The local dealer diagnosed it as the wiring harness and connectors...