1. Richardrix

    Wanted 1997 1.9 Boston Green Passenger Side rear wing

    Hi, I am after a Boston Green rear wing panel for a Z3 1.9 1997 pre-facelift. Thanks.
  2. DanielleHN

    For Sale Passenger Wing Mirror

    hi everyone I’ve got for sale my passenger Wing Mirror in good condition. The sale is just for the base and spindle with no motor or casings. The base is Boston Green Wing mirror moves as it should, isn’t catching and is in good condition. It’s on eBay for £85 + £10 postage but open to...
  3. DanielleHN

    Spraying X8R Mirror Bases

    Hi everyone As requested by @Tim beard I'll be uploading progress notes in regards to spraying the new wing mirror bases. I’ve taken photos so far of where I have got to with spraying the bases of the X8R wing mirrors I’ve bought to combat the corrosion battle. My car is Boston Green so...
  4. DanielleHN

    How To Guide Battle Against The Wing Mirror Corrosion!

    Hi Everyone I'm new here as I've recently bought a beautiful Boston Green 2.8i as a fun hobby - it's in really amazing condition for its years although both mirrors have corroded. I thought this was possibly the end of the world (as you do!) but found some helpful threads noting a particular...