1. Ajsbored94

    Z3 Hardtop leaking at windshield.

    I heard that you can adjust the hardtop to seat better at the front windshield? I don't know how to do it and can't find any guides on it. Also I can't really find where on the latches to adjust them. The rubber was replaced 3 years ago according to the guy I bought it from and it did not leak...
  2. JSVice

    I apologize, but this is more window issues.

    I've been hesitant to post about my window issues, because they've been done to death. I've read every thread I can on it that I would think pertains to me. I have the classic "window moves 2 inches at a time" issue. Sometimes, after I first start the car, the window will go all the way up or...
  3. AquariusTony

    Cracks in rear window!

    Hi everyone, I have just bought a 2000 1.9 Z3 roadster and it needs a few aesthetic improvements doing to it. I noticed that there are one or two cracks in the rear plastic window. The largest one is about 1 and half inches long. (See photo) I’ve used some stuff on the window, as I know...