wind deflector

  1. Low Rider

    Expired BMW Z3 Wind Deflector

    BMW Z3 1998-2002 Wind Deflector Original BMW Factory Part OEM. £135 Condition is Used. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class
  2. Madpuppy

    Home made wind deflector For my Z3

    I am off contract for a while with my business so I decided to make my own Wind deflector, It ain't perfect....or should I say that it is "bespoke"..yes...that makes it sound so much more classy and precision crafted than it actually a long shot. Honestly for the meager skills and tools...
  3. P

    Fitting BMW Z3 OEM Mesh Wind Deflectors

    After bagging an X reg 2.2i wide body with one remote key for £1500 and having shelled out £50 for a service key spare from BMW (which worked first time) I now face the need to buy a wind deflector on account of my wife's hair do when the soft top is down... I like to stay OEM so on eBay there...
  4. Mac_Gaz

    Found Tonneau Cover and Wind Deflector Wanted

    Anyone selling a cover and/or wind deflector - Sensible prices please :) Cheers Gaz
  5. Sully

    What's the best air deflector

    Hi all Am looking to get a air deflector but don't know what one to get or what's out there any thoughts ?