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    Hello, I have just picked up my Z3 It is the 1.9 1998 model in silver with the green leather seats. As a bit of a novice to the Z3, is there anything to look out for, anything to do/have spare, or any accessories that would benefit the car? Thanks! Alex
  2. Panhandler

    The Panhandler

    Good Morning Zroadster Peeps, Glad to have found this website. Just took possession of my Sienna Red Z3 this past weekend. Perhaps I should say, the Z3 has taken possession of me. OK, I'm not really possessed, but this Zed is the most bestest car I have ever been in. If I wasn't so happy when I...
  3. jimbocooper

    New Zed in South Yorkshire

    Hi everyone! It's taken me some time but I've finally managed to get some nice pictures and time to post them of my 1.9 '01 Z3. It's my first "weekend car" and I'm intending to do a few bits and bobs (rims, roll bars, clear moist inside headlights, polish, touch up paint,....) on it if I ever...